Boston Area Hashes

Welcome to hashing in the Boston Area! Hashing is amazing and fantastic and we'd love to have you participate!

We are a loosely affiliated (or not affiliated, depending on your politics) bunch of kennels dedicated to hashing in the city, in the shiggy, under the full moon, over long distances, at odd times that parents can make, and so forth. Current Boston area kennels include:

There are other kennels in the Greater Boston area that we love too and even more in the greater Northeast!

Want to start another kennel in the area? Do it! And let us know, we'll add you and your calendar here. We offer FRAND terms to hashes in the area, current and future. We can even help you set up accoutrements like websites and email lists. Feel free to use our Email list for inclusion.

If you're interested in hashing in Boston (and you should check out other cities too!) - here it all is!

Unfortunately, trails get posted to both Google Calendar and Failbook. Even worse, a bot can get notifications from Failbook when an event is created but not when updates happen. In an almost opposite way, Failbook will give live updates if an account is 'Going' to an event but it requires human intervention to indicate 'Going'. Lastly, currently, the only way most hares can directly modify their event (e.g., last minute change of plans) is via their Failbook event. But at least if you're not on the Failbooks, you can use the lower calendars for reference...

This is the BostonH3 calendar to which all kennels are currently allowed to post to. If you'd like an overlay of your own calendar on top, we'd be happy to!

This is an auto-updating (the script runs every five minutes) calendar of Failbook events that a human has noticed/been notified of and subscribed ('Going') to.

This is a calendar that a bot populates when Failbook events are created. They get added automagically ("15 minute update time") but they don't (can't) get updated with any subsequent changes. The intention is to remove them from this calendar when they get added to the calendar above for live updating (but that smacks of effort).